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Car Dealer Support

Consumer complaints – handled efficiently

We assist automobile dealers in resolving customer complaints quickly and efficiently. We evaluate the merits of a claim early to best determine the appropriate strategy for resolving or litigating the matter.

Automobile repossession – safe and economical

We provide guidance on the safest and most economical way to have a vehicle repossessed. If necessary, we can go to court to secure a writ of possession to enable a sheriff or marshal to take possession of a vehicle.

Corporate law, contracts and business transactions – thorough treatment

We perform all legal work relating to the business operation of an automobile dealership, including the formation (and dissolution) of corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and the preparation of minutes and other housekeeping documentation. We prepare buy-in agreements and shareholder agreements covering such matters as the death, disability, and retirement of a shareholder. We also review vendor contracts to assist dealers in structuring such contractual relationships to the dealer's best advantage.






We offer free legal consultation, with no strings attached.
We strive for excellent customer service and keep an open line of communication with our clients throughout the process.
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